Germany Hill News

NOV 2018



   4  Communion Sunday

 11  Coffee Time after service. 

 18  Feed My Sheep Sunday




WORSHIP ASSISTANT                                          ACOLYTE

             NOV                                                              NOV

   4   Maureen Dougherty                                        Eva Crawford

 11   Emily Crawford                                             Carsten Crawford

 18   Dean Smith                                                    Eva Crawford

 25   Leonore Gill                                                  Carsten Crawford


               DEC                                                                 DEC

   2   Val Thompson                                                Eva Crawford

*Please find a substitute if you cannot read on your week and notify the church office.



BIRTHDAYS                                                                 ANNIVERSARIES

  3  Kendall Ward                                                              5  John & Emily Crawford

10  Robert Nugent

13  Bob Thompson

19  Tom Zorn


Discretionary Fund –OCT  $37.50

Children’s Fund – OCT $2.90


PLEASE NOTE – ADVENT begins Dec 2.  Looking for families/friends to sign up to light the Advent Wreath.  Signup sheet is at the back of the church.




Steeple fire 40 years ago

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