Contemporary Service

Our Contemporary Service starts at 10:00 am. on Sunday mornings. We have a Worship Team Band that plays modern Christian Contemporary music. Usually there is a greeting followed by singing 3 songs, prayer, and the message by Pastor Dave, then a closing song followed by a benediction. Of course the schedule may change at times. We are laid back, no dress code! Come and worship the Lord with us! Our Sanctuary is upstairs, if you enter through the front doors you can go up the stairs to the right or to the left, they all lead to the same place! If you enter through the side entrance (glass doors) just come up the steps and turn left and go through the dining room and out towards the front and go upstairs either right or left. Greeters are stationed at the front and side entrances if you need assistance. The side entrance has a wheelchair lift if needed, and we have a motorized chair that goes upstairs. We do not take an offering during the service but there are boxes on the back wall if you would like to give.

Where do my kids go?

During the 10:00 service we offer Family Ministries for kids of all ages. If you enter using the side door (glass doors) the registration is straight ahead at the top of the stairs. If you enter through the front doors then just go straight through the dining room and you will see the registration table. Our Family Ministries is called McKids and volunteers wear black t-shirts and are easy to spot. If your child isn’t ready to join in with the other kids, no problem, they can come upstairs with you!

Traditional Service and misc.

Our Traditional Service starts at 11:15 am. and instead of Contemporary music we sing Traditional hymns and the choir will do an anthem. We take a collection during the service but you are not obligated to give. Again, feel free to dress casual and comfy. If you are new to our church we have some welcome gifts for you by the front door in our Welcome station. We have coffee and goodies in the Fellowship Hall (dining room), feel free to help yourself before or after service.