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Contemporary Service at 10:00 am. on Sunday mornings.

We have Family Ministries at 10:00 am. for children of all ages.

Traditional Service at 11:15 am. also at Germany Hill at 8:45 am.

Coffee and fellowship between the services and after the traditional service.

Fifth Sunday - Every fifth Sunday of the month means a celebration! We have water baptisms, special music, and a meal afterwards.

Open Hearts Dinner - Wednesday nights at 5:30 pm. a free dinner for the community that is completely done by volunteers. Volunteers are always welcome to help on Tuesdays at 5:00 or on Wednesdays.

Candor Community Christian Preschool - Monday - Friday from 9:00 am. til noon, a fun learning experience in a Christian environment. 354-7337

United Methodist Women - meet once a month on the first Thursday, usually at noon.

Haiti Mission Team - this is our second year of sending a team to Haiti to spread God's word, many fund raising events held throughout the year, such as: car washes, chicken barbecues, Krispy Kreme donut sales, and more. Due to political unrest, this year's trip was cancelled but the team went to the Yucatan Peninsula instead.

Candor Senior Citizens - meet here once a month on the fourth Thursday at noon.


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On March 23rd the United Methodist Women will celebrate their 150th anniversary! Our Candor UMW gave $150.00 to The Legacy Fund to support the work of future generations of United Methodist Women.

Lenten Bible Verses:




March 6--ASH WEDNESDAY --Day One


1 Samuel 3:1 -- A TRUSTED MENTOR


“The boy Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli” (1 Samuel 3:1a).


We understand God’s Word better if we have a mentor who loves His Word. Eli had his weaknesses, but Samuel began his ministry as a boy under this experienced man’s leadership. Samuel respected Eli’s position even though he could not always respect the man. Who is mentoring you?


Prayer:  Lord, bring others who love You into my life to help me grow spiritually.


March 7 --THURSDAY--Day Two




“In those days the word of the Lord was rare” (1 Samuel 3:1b).


Because of the lack of spiritual depth in those days, God did not trust many people with a fresh word from His lips. He chose Samuel, a small boy, through whom to speak.  Can God trust you with His Word? Will you handle it with care and prayer?


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, speak to me and through me to bless others.


March 8 -- FRIDAY--Day Three


1 Samuel 3:1 -- SIGHT BUT NO VISION


“. . . there were not many visions.” (1 Samuel 3:1c)


Helen Keller, who was blind, said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision.” 

Not everyone receives a miraculous vision from God, but everyone can seek a clearer vision of who God wants us to be and what He wants us to do.


Prayer:  Dear God, help me to see more clearly the person You want me to become.



March 9 -- SATURDAY--Day Four


1 Samuel 3:2--OPEN MY EYES


“Eli, whose eyes were becoming so weak that he could barely see, . . .” (1 Samuel 3:2).


Eli’s poor eyesight was an affliction that hindered his personal performance as an individual and as a man of God. It was 

also a parable for the fact that spiritual vision was rare in those days. What kinds of things might blind us to what God wants for us?


Prayer:  Lord, open my eyes that I may see glimpses of truth You have for me.


March 10 -- SUNDAY--Day Five




“The lamp of God had not yet gone out, . . .” (1 Samuel 3:3a).


In the tabernacle, the priests kept the lamps burning from sunset to sunrise. The incident that the above 

verse begins to describe occurred before sunrise, since they had not yet extinguished the lamps. It also 

reminds us that God’s light still shone in Israel, in spite of their wickedness. Are you letting your light shine for Him?


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, help me to be a light for You in a dark place.


March 11 -- MONDAY—Day Six


1 Samuel 3:4-6--AN OPEN HEART TO HEAR 


“Then the Lord called Samuel.” (1 Samuel 3:4a)


Would God give an important message to a young boy? Obviously He would, because He did.

Is it easier to believe He would do it three thousand years ago than to believe He would do it today? 

An even bigger question is: Are you listening? If He called, would you hear?


Prayer:  Lord, open the ears of my heart that I may hear Your voice.


March 12 -- TUESDAY—Day Seven


1 Samuel 3:4-6--WAS THAT GOD’S VOICE?


“Samuel answered, ‘Here I am.’ And he ran to Eli and said, ‘Here I am; you called me.’” (1 Samuel 3:4b-5a)


Samuel was not the last person to be confused about God’s voice. “Was that God speaking?” 

we ask ourselves. “Was it my own thoughts? Or was it even the voice of Satan, trying to 

mislead me?” Wait. God is not in a hurry. He will make His voice clear to you.


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I know You are not offended when I want to be sure it’s Your voice.


March 13 -- WEDNESDAY—Day Eight


1 Samuel 3:4-6--OBEDIENCE 


“But Eli said, ‘I did not call; go back and lie down.’” (1 Samuel 3:5b)


Imagine Samuel’s confusion. He wanted to obey. He was eager to obey. He even “ran” to Eli. 

God places a high value on obedience. Later Samuel told King Saul that obedience is “better than 

sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22). Obey what you know. God will help you with what you don’t know.


Prayer:  Dear God, I want to be quick to obey You.


March 14 -- THURSDAY--Day Nine




“Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord.” (1 Samuel 3:7a)


Samuel loved God and worshiped Him. But he was not experienced in hearing 

God’s voice. We all have to start somewhere. As you read His Word, His Spirit will

speak to you and apply it to your heart. Read with a spirit of obedience, and 

He will show you the way.


Prayer:  Lord, I want to know You better and love You more deeply.


March 15 -- FRIDAY--Day Ten


1 Samuel 3:7-10--ARE YOU LISTENING?


“Then Samuel said, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.’” (1 Samuel 3:10b)


Just as Samuel had been eager to obey Eli, now he was eager to obey the Lord. After 

realizing it was God, can you imagine the anticipation with which he listened? As we 

read and pray with open minds and open hearts, God can more readily implant His will and directions.


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I am listening. Speak to me and I will follow.


March 18 -- MONDAY—Day Thirteen


1 Samuel 3:15-16--COURAGE TO OBEY 


“He was afraid to tell Eli the vision.” (1 Samuel 3:15b)


People don’t generally like to be the one who has to break bad news to another. If you enjoy it, we must respectfully observe there is a sadistic streak in your personality. Yet when it becomes necessary, God can give us the courage we need. Be strong. He will help you.


Prayer:  Dear God, give me the courage to obey You.



March 19 -- TUESDAY---Day Fourteen


1 Samuel 3:17-18--HONEST AND GRACIOUS


“So Samuel told him everything, hiding nothing from him.” (1 Samuel 3:18a)


There is a time to be polite and tactful. There is a time to be honest and bold – even when it hurts. We want people to extend grace. We also want them to tell the truth. Jesus was full of both grace and truth. We must be more like Him.


Prayer:  Lord, help me to be both honest and gracious.


March 20 -- WEDNESDAY--Day Fifteen


1 Samuel 3:17-18--WHAT IS GOOD IN HIS EYES


“Then Eli said, ‘He is the Lord; let him do what is good in his eyes.” (1 Samuel 3:18b)


God does not need our permission to do what is good. Yet Eli’s statement reveals a willingness 

on his part to accept whatever God did as good, even though it meant something undesirable for 

him. Contentment lies in learning to accept whatever God sends, pleasant or unpleasant. He is a good God.


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you for whatever You send because I know ultimately it will be good for me.


March 21— THURSDAY---Day Sixteen


Samuel 3:19-21--BE WITH OUR CHILDREN


“The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up.” (1 Samuel 3:19a)


A valid prayer from the heart of every Christian parent – “Lord, be with my daughter (son) as she (he) grows up.” God is everywhere, so He is with your child. But in a special sense; to bless, to protect, to prosper and grant favor – that’s what we mean by our prayer.


Prayer:  Lord, please be with our children as they grow up.

March 22 -- FRIDAY--Day Seventeen




“All Israel from Dan to Beersheba recognized that Samuel was attested as a prophet of the Lord.” (1 Samuel 3:20)


Benjamin Franklin said, “Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked, and never mended well.” 

To have the reputation of being a man or woman of God is priceless. Samuel had such a reputation 

and people listened to him. Do people consider you a person of integrity, one whose word is reliable?


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, help me to be a person whom others trust.

On Thursday 2/14/19 our D.S. David Kofahl arrived at McKendree Church with and introduced our new minister Rev. William (Bill) Puckey and his wife Heidi. They met and were greeted by church reps Rick Neild (S.P.R.C.), Gerald Ahart (Finance), Lila Hall (Trustees), Kevin Williams (Church board chair), Tristyn Ahart (Contemporary service lay leader), Roy Yarrington (Traditional service lay leader) along with Germany Hill Reps Dean and Nina Smith.
Rev. Puckey and his wife first received a tour of the parsonage with a meet and greet that lasted for over two hours. All parties present believe this to be a very good fit for the future of both McKendree and Germany Hill. This change is to take effect the first of July 2019 with the first services starting on Sunday July 7, 2019. We announce this upcoming change with many thanks to our temporary Pastor Dave Larson and his wife Tina, who have and will continue to bring God's message through June of 2019 with much thanks.

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Church office hours are: Monday - Friday 9:00 am. - 2:00 pm.

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